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Pulse therapy center 

Magical pulse 

We focus on the repair of the body function, if you have the following symptoms welcome to Miracle pulse to a trip to physical therapy trip:* Neurological disorders, all kinds of acute and chronic pain, back pain, dizziness, insomnia.* Kidney disease (dialysis), gout, stroke, acquired muscle atrophy, Parkinson's disease.* For many years can not cure the strange symptoms.* Beauty care, beauty is almost all human nature or even men and women, Miracle for the restoration of young, whitening    , Wrinkle, speckle has a significant effect.Miracle pulse === a talking instrument, we have two Nobel Prize in medicine endorsement, Europe and the United States recognizedCard and multi-national patent, so you have to believe, had to try.Welcome you with a pleasant mood to experience, three completely free.

International Beauty and Hairdressing Division

Zhao Dejun Yan Yan beautician Lati whitening quick effect young

Lin Daoru body sculptor sculpture

Yang Yao Cheng hair stylist beauty hair scalp SPA

Liao Minjiang fashion designer from head to toe playing a new you

International Fitness Center

Design your fitness program exclusively

Improve muscle pain after fitness

To help you achieve the goal of fitness goals

Three iron, marathon, bike major event registration center.